The Early Years

Chuck at 17

Castells with Jan & Dean 1962 (JoeKelly,ChuckGirard,Dean,Jan,Warren Hays,TomHicks)

---Castells with Roy Orbison & Donnie Brooks--- (Tom Hicks,Donnie Brooks,Claudette & Roy Orbison,Joe,Kelly, Bob Ussery...I guess I took the picture)


The Castells
Bottom left:Tom Hicks
Bottom right:Bob Ussery
Top Left: Chuck Girard
Top Right: Joe Kelly

Six The Hardway
Left to Right: Joe Kelly
Ernie Earnshaw
Chuck Girard
Don Phillips
Glen Hughes
Jack Beam

Chuck & Joe

"Hippie" Love Song circa 1968/69
Foreground: Denny Correll
Center Bottom: Jay Truax
Center: Larry Brittain
Center Top left: John Mehler
Center Top Right: Chuck Girard
Right: Jessie Johnston